New Year's Good Luck Menu

 In some cultures colors have a special meaning during New Year. Red is for love, yellow for abudance and green for health. People wear those colors in their New Year's celebration. But Ee think why not eat your vibrant colors?

Grapes also play an important role at the stroke of midnight when the tradition says to eat 1 grape for each month and make your wishes and intentios for the year. Welcome 2017 with this colorful and delicious menu, 

Onion soup

Holiday salad (apples, pineapple, nuts, blue cabbage, butternut squash, zuchinni) in our house almond sauce

Spaguetti squash penne pasta with baby tomatoes and squah noodles seasoned with our delightful house blend of herbs and spices.

Oven roasted brussels sprouts with brown rice. 

Cacao banana date truffles

12 grapes for each month of the new year





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