About Us


In sailing, being in “the groove” refers to the harmonious relationship between sail trim and boat handling necessary to perform to the max. Just like in music and in love, the perfect balance yields the best results.

The Groove - Food for Balance brings this beautiful sailing concept to your life. Inspired by the idea of sailing in the groove, Maria and Stephane see food as nourishment for the body, mind, and soul, and want to help you to achieve this balance in your life through clean, fresh, and delicious food.
The stress of an Ivy League education and an executive

career caused Maria’s health to suffer. Diagnosed with gluten intolerance and a weakened immune system, Maria took control of her diet and her health by creating flavorful, gluten-free, organic dishes that allowed her to regain her strength. She knows what it means to be too busy with the stresses of life to prepare nourishing food for yourself and your family, and she is here to help you to eat healthily!

Together, Maria and Stephane are on a mission to help you to eat balanced, fresh, tasty meals, and be energized by the power of good food. We are no ordinary catering company: we understand your needs."