Our Promie To You

It is our promise to provide only the best quality health foods, with safety, quality and efficiacy at the core of our service. This gold standard in customer service and quality has led us to supply materials to a vast international network, comprising over 6,000 pharmacies.

These principles have shaped our offering since our inception in 2018, with high standards observed across our entire logistics process.

Why Choose Groove Foods?

To achieve our unparalleled standard of service, our team operate according to our “Gold Standard Principles”, which show our commitment to delivering only the very best solutions to our customers. Choosing Groove Foods means you can be sure that this commitment is reflected in the quality of the products you receive and the service we offer to you.

Our products are always from reputable sources, accompanied by the necessary documentation and are received in accordance with the stated Good Distribution Practice (GDP) requirements.

We also ensure that these principles run through our entire warehousing and logistics process, meaning our products are stored in accordance with the stated GDP requirements, are picked complying with First Expiry First Our (FEFO) rules and are distributed in accordance with the stated GDP requirements.

At Groove Foods, we keep full records of every transaction, which are then kept for the necessary statutory period.

How to Order

If you’d like to make an order for any product shown on our website, doing so is easy. Simply make an enquiry for the product you’d like to know more about, and a member of the team will get in touch with you about your order.

If you’d like to know more about how we can provide a bespoke package for you, please contact us by emailing info@groovefoods.com